Friday, January 28, 2011

Sunburst Mirror

My sister and I came across this sunburst mirror yesterday and we both liked it. As we were checking out I couldn't decide if I wanted to buy it or not. So she decided to buy it. Neither of us really loved it, but neither of us wanted to let it slip buy. It was only $10, so compared to most sunburst mirrors, it was a real bargain. By the time we got home, we were both not really liking it, or at least not liking the 80's splatter/sponge finish. Not to mention it vaguely resembles a swastika. By then I was feeling bad for talking my sister into buying this huge mirror that neither of us really loved. So, I offered to buy it off her, try it out in my home for a while and if I still didn't like it, sell it in the classifieds for a profit and split it.

After it's been up for a day, it is starting to grow on me, and a part of me is really loving it. But it's a very complicated love/hate relationship. What do you guys think? Cool? Or just weird?

1 comment:

Girlglasses said...

Love it, I'm tempted to take it from you!


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