Thursday, March 3, 2011

Making Over the Master Bedroom: The Headboard

About 2 years ago, while driving down the road, I saw a headboard with a sign on it that said $20. We didn't have a headboard, so I pulled over, knocked on the door and offered $15 for it and it was mine. It's the classic 70's headboard, with the faux wood finish in all it's glory:

It sat in my garage for a year and a half until I finally decided to do something with it. I was going to go bold, like turquoise or red or something. I opted for a more conservative espresso because I wanted a piece that would go with any color scheme, as I have a tendency to be a little ADD with colors in my house. So I sanded, and had to go down a couple of layers to get the deep scratches and indentations out. I don't want to know what these people did to beat up a headboard so badly.

After the sanding, the painting was a breeze. I used the same Ralph Lauren paint that I used on my dining table, and then topped with a layer of clear poly ($9). And here's the final result:

I can't wait to show it to you in my finished room! It's been a long process, but to give you something to chew on, here's the SUPER SCARY before picture:

Now, if I haven't horrified you forever with my before picture, then come back for the big reveal coming soon! :)

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