Friday, April 29, 2011

Creating A Sanctuary; My Master Bedroom

My master bedroom has definitely evolved quite a bit over time. Remember this post about my bedroom where I reveal the horrifying before picture? My biggest hurdle when it comes to our room is keeping the clutter and laundry out. I don't know why, but our room becomes the landing pad for all of our laundry and anything in transition, looking for a home. At the beginning of the year, I finally decided to tackle our bedroom once and for all, and make it the retreat that we needed it to be. I found a huge piece modern looking canvas painting, I bought new curtains, cleaned up and rewired an old chandelier, spruced it up with some new pillows, rearranged the furniture, and wa-lah! A brand new room!

Here is our room as it is now:

As with most every room in my house, I still feel there is work to be done. My next project for the room?
Tackle the nightstands!

Here's the plan:
1) Paint nightstands white
2) Add pretty knobs to the nightstands (crystal maybe)

Last of all, here is some advice that I am trying to follow:

1) Keep the areas behind closed doors clean (closets, drawers)
2) Don't let laundry sit in our room, even if it is clean waiting to be folded
3) Keep countertops clear, store papers and stuff inside the nightstands
4) Always make the bed in the morning, what a difference this makes!
5) Change sheets weekly, and keep dirty laundry in laundry room to keep the room smelling fresh

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melissa*320 sycamore said...

Oh my goodness, it's lovely. I think the made over nightstands will be the perfect finishing touch!

Tiffany said...

I can't wait until I get my bedroom done, yours is great! (saw you at the linky)

Girlglasses said...

I would LOVE to sleep in a room so beautifully styled!

petalpusheraccessories said...

Where did you get the art above your bed? Beautiful!

Mrs. Bliss said...

Thanks petalpushers, I found it at a thrift store on the Air Force Base near here for only $12! I love how it set the color palette for the whole room.

Thanks everyone for your kind words about my room! :)


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