Friday, April 29, 2011

Finding Pretty; Gifts For Mom

Thanks to Look Linger Love, I've found a new favorite read, House of Fifty. For the longest time, I have been having a hard time pinning down "my look" in my home. I know what I love, but I just can't create that look in my own home. I have nooks and crannies that feel complete and feel like "me" but for the most part, my house still feels so unfinished. My style is decidedly masculine compared to most, but I do have a soft side. And I think that's what my house is missing. At least that's the epiphany I had while perusing the pages of House of Fifty. My house is missing that soft side that I love so much. Looking at all the soft colors and florals, I felt inspired to add some more femininity to my home.

So I searched my favorite place, Etsy and found some great ways to add some softness to my home:

Wouldn't those make great Mother's Day gifts too? I thought of my mother-in-law and her impeccable style, and how she would appreciate some of these gorgeous finds. Are you guys ready for Mother's Day?

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