Tuesday, April 26, 2011

I'm Calling it a Sick Day

You should see this place. It is the sick house. A complete MESS! My oldest daughter and I have pink eye, I have a sinus infection, my baby has an ear infection, we all have a horrible cough and congestion. And this has all been going on since April 1st. Somebody come in here and zap all these evil germs, or at least take care of my housework please. Then again, no one wants to step foot within a mile of this place.

My youngest boy started off the rounds on my sister's birthday, April 1st. It got passed around from one kid to another, and just when it seemed everyone was over it, another one would start coughing all over again. It's the cold that won't go away. I stayed down the first 2 days with the virus, but then I had to get back to life as normal, after all, I am a mommy and my job never waits. Plus, I have a triathlon to train for and a 5k coming up. So, I continued my training and all. Three weeks later, I have a sinus infection, and know why I just couldn't seem to kick this bug, because it had turned into a bacterial infection. And now I have pink eye. Doen't the thought of it make you cringe? Yes, I look like a zombie straight out of a horror flick.

So, I am officially going to take time off. Off of exercise, off of going anywhere, off of everything. At least until.....tomorrow.

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Girlglasses said...

Poor family!


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