Saturday, April 30, 2011

Quaint Cottage

The more cottage style, Swedish inspired homes I see, the more I fall in love. Here are some homes I'm swooning over right now. The first home is from the blog Marion House Book, and it's awesome. She has such an ecclectic style that feels composed and not messy, as some modern vintage homes tend to feel. Here chaotic order just works for me. I love the mix of new and old, rustic and shiny. Bravo Emma! I will be blog stocking your amazing home for more awesome inspiration! (That was a creepy imaginary conversation, wasn't it? I'll stop now...) Without further gushing, here are two of my favorite shots of her pad:

The above images from The Marion House Book

Image from the Tereasa's Modest Cottage Tour on Apartment Therapy
Another image from Tereasa's cottage
The bottom two images are from a house tour on Apartment Therapy of a "modest cottage." I love every inch of this teeny tiny space. I have a big love of flannel and red flannel throws me over the top in love. Add vintage lamps, camera's and typewriters and I'm in heaven. Can I just move in to Tereasa's cottage? Or at least take a vacay there?

Anywho, I have decided I could be perfectly happy in a quaint cottage without a lot of things. I would be happy to sell half of the stuff we have and go live in a cottage somewhere by a lake. But then again, the kids need to go to school and experience normalcy of some sort. So maybe when we retire? Until then, a girl can dream!

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