Thursday, May 5, 2011

Inspired Design: Series One

I've come across some fantastic blogs lately that I am falling hard for. When I first started following blogs, I followed a lot of the DIY blogs. While I admire their creativity and wit, I'm really enjoying design and style inspiration blogs right now. There is a time for DIY...I'm not being a hater. I love a good DIY project! I am just getting bored of seeing the same DIY project over and over again. It's mainly because I'm ADD and get bored easily!

Here are a few of my absolute favorite blogs right now:

I think a designers home says a lot about them, which is why I am such a big fan of Kristen Krason. This is a blog my sister told me about, and I've been following ever since. We are both in Utah, so I hope someday to meet her! Until then, I am perfectly happy blog stocking her bright and cheery home:

Kristen Krason's 6th Street Design School

Then there is the beautiful and stylish Chassity over at Look Linger Love who blogs about fashion, but have you seen her home!? I've been following her ever since I saw her home featured on Made By Girl. Here's her jaw dropping dining room:

Chassity's Dining Room from her blog Look Linger Love

A brand new favorite of mine is a blog by Danielle de Lange. She showcases a plethora of amazing design photos and inspiration! I am smitten with her design style and eye. Here is one of my favorites she has featured recently (although, I have yet to see a home she features that I don't love):
If you haven't heard of Holly Mathis before now, let me introduce you! Her home has effortless style. Her style is real, lived in, but perfectly so. Here's her recent project for HGTV:

Holly Mathis Interiors
Last, is another blog my sister showed me, she knew I'd love it! I first found Victoria from sfgirlbybay when her AMAZING home was featured in the first issue of Rue Magazine. I bookmarked it and referred to it all the time. Then when my sister gave me the link to her blog, I was ecstatic to find out she blogged! I could gush about her home forever, as I already have here in previous posts, but her blog is much more complex than just featuring her home. She has impeccable style. She has started a fabulous new series called "Seperated at Birth" where she features actresses and interiors that seem to perfectly go together. Here's an example that I completely love!
There are so many wonderful, design inspired blogs out there, that I plan on featuring many more of my favorites (I am saving some of my all time favorites to keep the goodies coming...)

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