Friday, July 22, 2011

Blog Love: Our Vintage Home

I found a new blog via another one of my daily reads and I am a totally smitten! It's called Our Vintage Home. This woman is unbelievable, her house is amazing, her DIY skills are to die for and she even posts amazing recipes! Who is this woman!?

Here's some pics of her home, featuring some of her DIY projects:

I love when someone knows how to incorporate rustic pieces in their home without looking too country or shabby chic. I am just loving how calming and inviting her space is. Her blog is a great source of inspiration and I'm sure I'll be back often! Just had to share!



Jenae said...

I know, don't you just want to take a bubble bath with some herb tea and a book?

Kaela said...

That bathroom is dreamy!


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