Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Advent Calendar; 24 Days of Giving

This year I was inspired by Emily Freeman's 24 Days of Giving and wanted to come up with something similar for our family. The chalkboard wall in our kitchen was the perfect place to put it. Last month it was our "Gratitude Wall" this month it will be our "Good Deeds" Wall. 

We cut out little hearts and stars out of wrapping paper, wrote the good deed on the back and then taped it to the wall with decorative washabi tape.

Here are some of the good deeds that we came up with:

Smile at everyone you see today
Write a letter
Call a grandparent
Comfort someone who is down
Make someone a meal
Drop off a plate of cookies
Say "I love you"
Cheer someone up
Compliment 4 people
Your choice
Invite someone to dinner
Donate clothes to a charity
Donate toys to a charity
Give canned food to a homeless person
Write a thank-you note

You could come up with general ones, or ones that are very specific to your family. The ideas could be free, or you could go all out. I chose to stick to ones that the whole family could do. Each day a member of the family will chose a good deed and then they get to do it. 

I am reminded of the Savior's words, "If ye love me, keep my commandments." This year I hope we can show our love and adoration for the babe in the manager by seeking the downhearted, lifting burdens, and cheering lonely hearts. I read once, and I can't find the reference, that when you are serving others you are on sacred ground because that is where the Savior would be if He were here. What joy can be had on such an errand. I love that thought. This year may your Christmas be a little more "sacred" and a little more joyful.

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