Saturday, December 28, 2013

Evolution of a Mantel

How often do you rearrange your mantel? Seasonally, a couple of times a year or once a decade? I keep the bones of the mantel the same and change the decorations seasonally. I was ready for a new look for my mantel, as I mentioned in my last post. For fun, I thought I would review the different mantel stylings I've switched out over the years and finish with the latest version.

This photo makes me cringe! Here is the original styling I had on my mantel. And this was long before I got my Nikon, hence the yellow lighting.

This was not long after when I started updating my house and opened my vintage shop on Etsy. My sister and I found the mirror for only $10! It was a gold, splattered paint color. Not my favorite. 

I spray painted the mirror a peacock blue and added my vintage brass collection for some nice contrast. Ignore the tv remote that snuck into the photo...

 Here is another version, my favorite go-to, stacked books.

 For a while these black statues graced the mantel. They make frequent appearances on my mantel.

Here, I swapped out the ugly glass sconces for these black lampshades. It was an easy update. Then I added some blue/grey books and antique cameras for a monochromatic scheme.

Here it is all decked out for Christmas this year:

Here is my recent change. I swapped out the blue spiral mirror for a more simple, streamlined Ikea mirror. I like the clean lines. I loved the blue mirror, but I was ready for a change. I also added some antique gold stamped lino prints. It is very simple, but for now, I am liking it. That is until I'm ready for another change again....

Which mantel styling do you like the best?

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