Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Frame-Worthy Waterlogues: Part One

The new Waterlogue app has taken over the web. It is an app that turns pictures into watercolor paintings. As a watercolor artist myself, I am impressed by the quality of the outcome (and not enraged that it takes away from the craft, although other artists may not feel the same way.) I embrace technology and think it has it's place. It will never replace the human touch, but it sure is fun to play around with! However, not all Waterlogues are created equal. Here are some basic tips to make your Waterlogues frame worthy. Let's start this series off with people, shall we?

How to Create Frame-Worthy Waterlogues of People
The downfall to this app is obvious. It lacks that "human touch" when creating portraits, it is after all a program, and will never replace what the human eye and hand can do to add life to the eyes and face of the subject. If you are going to create portraits with this app, you will be disappointed with its inability to create a realistic looking face (again, this takes a human touch.)  Instead, follow these tips:

Choose photos where the face is not the focal point of the picture.

Find a photo that shows emotion and human interaction.

Use full body shots with interesting backgrounds. 

Choose pictures that capture the essence of a person. Feature a hobby or an interest. Or show them in their natural environment.

Choose pictures of your subject doing something...action shots make great paintings and tell a story. I'm a big fan of pictures taken in nature.

Find group pictures that aren't posed, but capture the moment, or place in time.

Turn an old, well-known family photo into a painting.

Some final thoughts
Experiment. If the photo doesn't look good with a certain filter, play around with the different filters until you find one that looks good. Last of all, this app isn't going to take a poorly composed picture and turn it into something great. You have to start with a great picture, with excellent composition, and capture something more than just a face. With a little thought, you can thoughtfully and brilliantly capture a special moment forever and create a real family keepsake.

Stay tuned for the next post in the series...Frame Worthy Landscape Paintings.

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