Thursday, October 20, 2016

He's Calling to You

He’s Calling To You

Overboard seaman who’ve fallen astray
Reach for His hand while there’s still light of day
Come back to the vessel, He’s waiting for you
Return to the place of the simple and true

Give heed to the watch cry, a storm’s rolling near
Return to the Master who’ll calm all your fears
Abandon your journey that leads you away
Night closes in, there’s no time to delay

He’s calling to you through the voice of a friend
He reaches for you with the people He sends
Although you may feel you are better alone
You’re loved beyond measure, your struggles are known

Return to Old Zion where God’s at the helm
Return to His ways, leave the treacherous realm
Weary and cold, hear His beckoning call
There’s peace, there is safety, there’s love above all

Overboard seaman who’ve fallen astray
Fight not against Zion and come back to stay
Christ's open arms wait with loving concern
He's atoned for your rescue so you can return

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